Single ended beams, HBM Model SB3 or RTI Model SSB will mount in this assembly. The load from the hopper or tank will be transmitted to the bottom of a vertical tension bolt that hangs from the load hole. Spherical washers at top and bottom of tension bolt allow for self alignment of the vessel. Zinc plated steel. Add load cell from Beam section.

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Item #


Weight lbs.

TM-SC-125-ZP N/A 1000-5000 lbs (Zinc plated steel) N/A 22.00
TM-SC-10-ZP N/A 10,000 lbs (Zinc plated steel) N/A 765.00
TM-SC-20-ZP N/A 20,000 lbs (Zinc plated steel) N/A 63.00
TM-SC-40-ZP N/A 40,000 lbs (Zinc plated steel) N/A 123.00
TM-SC-125-SS N/A 1000-5000 lbs (Stainless steel) N/A 22.00
TM-SC-10-SS N/A 10,000 lbs (Stainless steel) N/A 63.00
TM-SC-40-SS N/A 40,000 lbs (Stainless steel) N/A 123.00
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