The Badger Meter® Model ER-10 electronic register is a meter-mounted totalizer and rate indicator designed for use with all Badger Meter product lines.

The ER-10/R is the remote version and can be used with any Badger Meter flow meter that is equipped with a compatible pulse endpoint. A rear adapter plate is provided with the remote version for attaching the unit to a wall or other suitable surface.

The ER-10 series electronic register simultaneously displays rate-of-flow and totalization at the push of a button.

The unit is battery powered. Optical sensors and other electronic sensors with open collector outputs must be externally powered.

The totalizing function uses an easy-to-read, 8-digit numeric LCD display. The rate mode uses a similar 4-digit display. Step-by-step independent programming of scale factors for the rate and totalization functions allows you to program any engineering unit such as gallons per minute and total gallons.

When the indicator is used as a totalizer, the display can be reset to zero from the front panel button or from an external switch wired directly to a rear terminal. The front panel reset function can be inhibited.

You can backlight the display by connecting a DC power source to the unit.

Flow through the meter causes pulses to be generated by the sensor or endpoint. Each pulse represents a specific volume of fluid. Using the Model 25 Disc meter as an example, 198 pulses are generated every time one gallon of fluid passes through the meter. Entering an appropriate scale factor independently for the rate and totalization modes results in the pulse indication on the display showing a meaningful unit of measure for each.

• All solid-state components for long life
• Battery powered
• Corrosion-resistant plastic housing built to
• NEMA 4X specifications
• Programmable for rate of flow and totalization
• Backlit display available
• Front panel totalizer Reset switch can be disabled
• Reprogramming can be inhibited

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Item #


250713 N/A LCD Counter ER-10 Disc Meter Mount
250605 N/A LCD Counter in Enclosure Model ER-10R (Single)
250600 N/A LCD Counter in Enclosure Model ER-10R (Dual)
250756 N/A LCD Counter ER-10 Meter Mounted (2" & 3" Turbo)
250940 N/A LCD Counter ER-10 Meter Mounted (4" Turbo)
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