The VMK-Series models are Viber® Electric Power Units, which connect to standard flexible shafts and vibrating heads for use in concrete construction.  VMK Series power units utilize Universal-style 60Hz motors in 120V or 240V models.  These powerful motors are capable of producing extremely high revolutions per minute (rpm) and rely on the resistance from the vibrating head to reduce the vibration frequency to the desired level.  VMK Concrete Vibrators are available in three electric motor sizes to be compatible with a wide range of Vibrating Heads.

• VMK-1500 Models feature 120 Volt/10 Amp or 240 Volt/5 Amp motors and are compatible with small to medium Head sizes.
• VMK-2750 Models feature 120 Volt/15 Amp or 240 Volt/7.5 Amp motors and are compatible with medium to large Head sizes.
• VMK-3500 Models feature 120 Volt/20 Amp or 240 Volt/10 Amp motors and are compatible with medium to the largest Head sizes.

• Changing the brushes requires only a screwdriver.
• Die-Cast Aluminum and Epoxy-Coated housings.  No plastic parts to break.
• Chrome-plated Roll Cages on all models for extreme durability and protection.
• Solid Aluminum faceplate with forward-mounted exhaust ports and air intake holes located in rear –prevents clogging with concrete when operated near the pour.
• Motors are fan-cooled with special high-speed bearings.
• Heavy-Duty, fully insulated switch.
• Molded power Cord – 600V – with steel strain relief.  Twist-Lock standard on 20A models, optional for 10A and 15A models.
• Components Completely Interchangeable - electric vibrators that use standard flex drives and heads!
• VMK models are capable of developing up to 2.5 HP and are compatible with shaft lengths up to 35' (10.7 m) and heads up to 2-1/2" diameter (63.5 mm).
• Optional Quick Disconnect System makes it easy to switch drives or heads.


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Item #

Current at 120 Volt

Current at 240 Volt

Head Size Options

Shaft Length

VMK-1500 N/A 10 Amp N/A 5 Amp N/A small to medium N/A up to 35'
VMK-2750 N/A 15 Amp N/A 7.5 Amp N/A medium to large N/A up to 35'
VMK-3500 N/A 20 Amp N/A 10 Amp N/A medium to largest N/A up to 35'
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