The Model BR is a motorized brush style conveyor belt cleaner for use in heavy-duty quarry and mining applications to reduce the carryback of material. The Model BR will work in wet or dry applications, as well as on a variety of organic materials and metal fines. The powered brush turns in the opposite direction of the belt in order to throw the dislodged material back into the discharge stream.

The Model BR is a good choice for use as a stand alone belt cleaner, and makes an excellent secondary belt cleaner when used behind a bladed primary cleaners in the more aggressive applications.

Technical Specifications:
• The Model BR includes the brush, framework, mounting, tensioning adjustments, and drive mechanism.
• The bristle strip material is either nylon, polypropylene, or oil tempered wire. Other special materials available upon request.
• Nylon and polypropylene bristles are available in 0.040, 0.028, or 0.014 bristle diameters. Oil tempered wire is only available in 0.010 bristle diam.
• The unit is mounted on the conveyor by 4 mounting brackets, 2 for pivoting and 2 for tensioning.
• The standard motor is 230/460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 phase, reversible, 1150 rpm, TEFC.
• The unit is supplied with 3 sheaves, chose the one that best approximates twice the belt speed.
• Brush should be adjusted with a "feather-touch" against the belt to allow it to "flick" material into the discharge.
• The operating temperature range is -40ºF to 180ºF (-40ºC to 82ºC).
• Explosion proof motors are available upon request


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Item #

Conveyor Belt Width

Shipping Weight


BR-6 N/A 6 in N/A 150 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-8 N/A 8 in N/A 155 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-12 N/A 12 in N/A 160 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-16 N/A 16 in N/A 162 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-18 N/A 18 in N/A 195 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-20 N/A 20 in N/A 200 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-24 N/A 24 in N/A 230 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-30 N/A 30 in N/A 240 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-36 N/A 36 in N/A 255 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-42 N/A 42 in N/A 270 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-48 N/A 48 in N/A 375 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-54 N/A 54 in N/A 385 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-60 N/A 60 in N/A 400 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-72 N/A 72 in N/A 425 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-84 N/A 84 in N/A 455 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-96 N/A 96 in N/A 505 lb N/A ISO 9001
BR-108 N/A 108 in N/A 565 lb N/A ISO 9001
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