The F-series Linear Piston Vibrators are particularly suitable for conveying, compacting and detaching of bulk solids due to perfectly linear vibrations. They reach optimum results in emptying of bins or as drives for vibrating conveyors or feeders.

F-type Piston Vibrators produce linear vibration movements with large amplitude oscillations. By fixing the vibrator either on the casing or on the piston, or by adding oscillating weights on the piston, numerous variants regarding both amplitude and frequency are possible. The frequency is adjusted by the operating pressure. Standard temperature application from 14°F to 300°F; standard application of F15P from 32°F to 210°F; maintenance-free; adjustable frequency; adjustable amplitude; wide oscillations; excellent start/stop characteristics; minimum sound emission; low air consumption; high temperature version on request.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits:
• Standard temperature application: from 14° F to 300° F
• Standard application of F15P: from 32° F to 210° F
• Maintenance-free
• Adjustable frequency
• Adjustable amplitude
• Wide oscillations
• Excellent start/stop characteristics
• Minimum sound emission
• Low air Consumption

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Item #

Frequency at 58psi/4bar

Force at 58psi/4bar

Torque at 58psi/4bar

Air Consumption at 58psi/4bar

F8 N/A 2950 vpm N/A 5.17 lb N/A 0.04 in·lb N/A 0.7 cfm
F15 N/A 2520 vpm N/A 17.5 lb N/A 0.19 in·lb N/A 1.3 cfm
F15P N/A 2160 vpm N/A 16.4 lb N/A 0.25 in·lb N/A 1.5 cfm
F18Q N/A 2520 vpm N/A 26.4 lb N/A 0.31 in·lb N/A 1.9 cfm
F25 N/A 2040 vpm N/A 28.5 lb N/A 0.48 in·lb N/A 2.1 cfm
F40 N/A 1560 vpm N/A 74.6 lb N/A 2.15 in·lb N/A 6.7 cfm
F85 N/A 1980 vpm N/A 358 lb N/A 6.42 in·lb N/A 13.7 cfm
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