P-type External Pneumatic Impact Vibrators are particularly robust and are used for detaching material incrustations inside pipes or bins. In areas where noise prevention is not a priority P-type Vibrators are the best value. Operated with filtered and oiled compressed air great durability is guaranteed.

P-type Piston Vibrators produce an extremely high impact force and are particularly suitable for use with silos, hoppers and conveying pipes to avoid the formation of crusts, bridges or rat holes. Furthermore, they can be used as flow aids, for screening, compacting and conveying, as well as for the cleaning of filters. Standard operation up to 390°F; high temperature operation up to 750°F; excellent start/stop characteristics; starts in any position; low air consumption; maintenance-free; adjustable frequency; adjustable amplitude; wide amplitudes.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits:
• Standard operation up to 390° F
• High temperature operation up to 750° F
• Excellent start / stop characteristics
• Starts in any position
• Low air consumption
• Maintenance-free
• Adjustable frequency
• Adjustable amplitude
• Wide amplitudes

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Item #

Frequency at 58psi/4bar

Force at 58psi/4bar

Frequency at 87psi/6bar

Force at 87psi/6bar

Air Consumption at 87psi/6bar

P25 N/A 3800 vpm N/A 152.9 lb N/A 4500 vpm N/A 214.5 lb N/A 7.1 cfm
P40 N/A 2200 vpm N/A 193.3 lb N/A 2800 vpm N/A 313.8 lb N/A 8.8 cfm
P60 N/A 1600 vpm N/A 517.9 lb N/A 1900 vpm N/A 730.6 lb N/A 14.1 cfm
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