The PROCAP I-FL and II-FL offer “no probe intrusion” and are designed for space constrained areas or applications where material flow or bridging may damage a standard probe. It can be mounted on a bin wall, conveyor housing or a chute. The face of the bottom of the FL serves as the capacitance sensor which features Pro-Shield compensation for material build up and an adjustable time delay of up to 30 seconds to ensure accurate readings. Plus, it offers unsurpassed sensitivity of 0.5 pF, to make it appropriate for use with a wide variety of powders, solids, liquids and slurries.

The FL offers the same benefits as BinMaster’s standard probe models including simple “Quick- Set” simple calibration and fail-safe operation in the event of a power outage. It operates below RF range which prevents interfere with other plant equipment or two-way radios used in the facility. The screw-cap enclosure offers easy access to components, which is especially handy in space-constrained installations, while a visual LED on the top of the enclosure indicates sensor status such as uncovered, covered or power failure.

• “Quick-Set” simple calibration
• Triple thread screw-off cover
• Dual conduit entrance
• Unsurpassed sensitivity 0.5 pF
• PRO-Shield compensates for material buildup
• Optional high-temperature sensing probe
• Operates below RF range, temperature stable calibration and protection from RF interference
• Fail-safe, switch selectable high/low
• Adjustable time delay to 30 seconds
• Visual LED indicates sensor status: uncovered, covered or power failure

• Point level detection and process control for solid, liquid and slurry materials
• Used in bins, vessels, tanks, chutes and conveyors where a non-intrusive flush mounted sensor is necessary
• Plastics, chemicals, coal/fly ash, concrete, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, feed/grain, mining, foundries, wood/paper processing, many other materials

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Item #

Item Name

730-0524 N/A PROCAP I FL
730-0525 N/A PROCAP II FL
730-0526 N/A PROCAP IX FL
730-0527 N/A PROCAP IIX FL
730-0311 N/A PRO Remote 25' FL 115
730-0312 N/A PRO Remote 25' FL 230
730-0313 N/A PRO Remote 25' FL LV
730-0146 N/A PRO Remote 75' FL
290-0071 N/A BW Adapter
290-0069 N/A BW Adapter
530-0194 N/A High Temp Flush Mount
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