Pro Auto-Cal offers simple and automatic calibration and external testing without having to remove the cover of the unit. Calibration takes just seconds and is performed with the use of a special magnet. This unit also allows for the simulation of either a covered or uncovered condition without accessing the probe assembly or the electronics and unsurpassed sensitivity of 0.5 pF for enhanced accuracy. A visual LED on the top of the housing indicates sensor status such as uncovered, covered or power failure.

Operating below the RF range, Pro Auto-Cal will not interfere with two-way radios or other plant equipment operating within radio frequency. It offers fail-safe performance – alerting users to power failures – and a Pro-Shield feature which compensates for material build-up to protect again false readings. Other benefits include temperature-stable calibration and an adjustable time delay of up to 10 seconds to allow for settling of material. Pro Auto-Cal offers optional sensing probes including Delrin or Teflon-sleeved, bare, food grade, or flush mount, plus a variety of solid and flexible extensions making it suitable for many applications.

• Auto-calibration and external test
• Unsurpassed sensitivity 0.5 pF
• PRO-Shield compensates for material buildup
• Operates below RF range, temperature stable calibration and protection from RF interference
• Fail-safe, switch selectable high/low
• Adjustable time delay to 10 seconds
• Optional sensing probes: Delrin or Teflon sleeved, bare, food grade, flush mount, solid and flexible extensions
• Visual LED indicates sensor status: uncovered, covered or power failure

• Power Requirements: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz ±15%, 5 VA
• Output Relay: DPDT 10 Amp at 250 VAC
• Ambient Temp: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
• Process Temp: To 250°F Delrin/bare probe (121°C); to 500°F Teflon probe (260°C)
• Pressure: 500 PSI
• Approvals & Certifications: Listed for Class II, Groups E, F & G Hazardous Locations
• Enclosure Type: NEMA 4X, 5, 9 & 12
• Housing Enclosure: Die cast aluminum, USDA approved powder coat finish
• Mounting: 1-1/4” NPT or 3/4” NPT 316 stainless steel standard; 1-1/4” NPT 316 stainless steel & sanitary flange optional

• Point level detection and process control for solid, liquid and slurry materials
• Used in bins, vessels, tanks, chutes and conveyors where low voltage DC power is necessary
• Plastics, chemicals, coal, fly ash, concrete, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, feed, grain, mining, foundries, wood or paper processing, many other materials

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730-0292 N/A PRO AUTO-CAL 115
730-0293 N/A PRO AUTO-CAL 230
730-0326 N/A PRO AUTO-CAL LV 12-24
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