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HazardPRO Ambient Temperature Sensor

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HazardPRO ambient temperature sensors connect directly to the HazardPRO transmitter node as an integral part of the hazard monitoring system. The user installs the sensor and connects it to the node, no user calibration is required.


• Direct connection to HazardPRO node
• Fixed cable with M12 connector included
• 2-wire (current loop type)
• Installs on machine surfaces
• Optional stainless steel jacketed cable
• Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, G, Class III, Div 1

The ambient temperature sensor is used to measure the local surface temperature on each side of a machine. The temperature of the bearing and belt alignment blocks are compared to this local ambient temperature to determine if the machine is operating properly.



HazardPRO Ambient
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HazardPRO Brochure
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HazardPRO Brochure
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