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3D Link Pro

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The 3DLinkPro allows for remote configuration of the 3DLevelScanner by providing a remote link with BinMaster’s engineering laboratory during the initial installation period allowing bin parameters to be loaded in the software and fine tuned for optimum scanner performance. The 3DLinkPro allows a BinMaster service technician to assist local personnel with service requests in real time by allowing for remote viewing of bin data and adjusting configuration settings.

The 3D LinkPro provides direct communication between BinMaster and the installation site to enhance customer service by allowing for easy software upgrades, remote analysis of data, diagnosis of system performance and system configuration. Software or firmware upgrades are easily downloaded when using a 3DLinkPro. Plus, the 3DLinkPro can also be used for a remote model upgrade of a unit from an M to an MV.


3D Level Manager Software Manual
(PDF, 3290KB)

BinMaster Full Line Brochure
(PDF, 2494KB)

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