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TranSend Wireless Load Cell Interface

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From the initial weighment on the scale to the final numeric value on the indicator, efficient communication is key to the success of the entire operation. Whether it’s overhead, livestock, tank, or heavy capacity weighing, once your traditional conduit is damaged or needs to be replaced, communication is halted and so is your operation. TranSend not only solves issues resulting from traditional conduit, it also exceeds communication application expectations.

Standard Features:
• Works with any basic digital weight indicator
• Excitation to load cell(s) provided by the transmitter, not the indicator
• Each transmitter/receiver set is individually paired and will not interfere with another set
• Auto-off mode - selectable for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes or off
• Auto-sleep mode - power down during non-use, power up with weight change, or key press


TranSend Wireless Load Cell Interface
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159475 Receiver
159476 Receiver
160016 Receiver
160332 Receiver
160333 Receiver
160334 Receiver
160335 Receiver
160336 Receiver
160337 Receiver
159207 Transmitter
159469 Transmitter
159470 Transmitter
160328 Transmitter
160329 Transmitter
160330 Transmitter
161949 Transmitter
161950 Transmitter
161951 Transmitter
  Results 1 - 18 of 18 1