The Model CW is a rugged and reliable conveyor belt cleaner that automatically places proper tension against the belt due to the counterweighted action. The counterweights are field adjustable. The CWD is similar to the Model CW but has 2 separate wiper blades working in tandem.

As with most conveyor belt applications, any carryback being deposited under the conveyor belt causes extra time, extra labor, and extra money in terms of clean-up and downtime. The Model CW and CWD provide a way to reduce the carryback and deposit where it belongs, in the discharge stream

Technical Specifications:
• The housing is polyester powder-coated mild or carbon steel.
• Standard 80 durometer rubber blade is 1" x 6" x belt width. Urethane blades available as an option.
• The unit is mounted on the conveyor using two hanger brackets, one per side.
• Unit is automatically under constant tension due to the counterweights.
• Mechanical belt splices pose no problem.
• The Model CWD has two independent rubber wiper blades for twice the cleaning power.
• The operating temperature range is -40ºF to 150ºF.


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